Pence Diversity in Leadership Fund

We are excited to announce the creation of an annual college scholarship program through the Oregon Community Foundation. The scholarship will fund undergraduate education at Oregon State University, and will specifically target underrepresented students of color who are interested in pursuing a degree in Construction Engineering Management.


“People of color are under-represented in the commercial construction industry here in Oregon. We believe the industry demographics should, at very least, represent the area it serves. Additionally, there is tremendous potential for high-wage employment in construction. A critical way to increase opportunities for underrepresented people of color in the industry is to create a leadership cadre who can grow participation organically.” -Paul Schulz, Principal


Pence will partner with Rosemary Anderson High School to provide marketing and support for students in the program.


“Rosemary Anderson is proud to work alongside Pence Construction to create meaningful career pathways in construction for young people of color who have historically been excluded.  This opportunity is specifically created to prepare students to take on top leadership roles within construction companies small and large, and potentially start a company of their own.  It is my hope that other companies in the industry follow Pence’s lead.” -Joe McFerrin II, President/CEO, RAHS


Applications for the 2020-2021 academic school year will be accepted starting November 1st, 2019 at this link (scholarship not listed yet, but will be placed under “OCF Administered Scholarships” listed). The Pence Diversity in Leadership Fund will be permanently funded by Pence Construction and will award to students every year.


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